The 2005 population of red deers in France is 175000 individuals, it increased fourfold between 1985 and 2005!
In spite of this spectacular increase of the number of deers, the population remains split up, divided up by the road infrastructures, in 455 forest massifs which it occupies. All the releases in France are made from only two reserves, Chambord and "La Petite Pierre", so all the deers of Midi-Pyrénées, the Alps and Massif Central arise from these two populations, the loss of genetic diversity exists and remains to watch.
So in Bavaria, the genetic analysis of 11 populations, showed that 92 % of these Bavarian deers, come from the same individual !!!
It is regrettable that the economic rules made that the management of the deer is not in agreement with the biological requirements of the species ! The management of the populations of deers oscillates between two sides
The massifs intended for the production of the wood where the populations of deers are excluded
The massifs where the hunting represents an important part of profits, until 50 % of income and there we attend an outdoor breeding!
The research for silvicultural methods which will associate vegetables witout economic value but good for feeding the deers with trees for the wooden production is to be encouraged.