It all started with two passions of youth, one for animals and one for photography, the first made me become a naturalist, the second made me travel.
Spurred on by the atlas of distribution of mammals in France edited by the French Society for the Study and Protection of Mammals in 1984 I participated in the collection of data on micro mammals, amphibians and bats in the Champagne Ardenne Picardy.
In 1988 to create the Natural Heritage Conservatories Champagne Ardenne and Picardie with which I undertake to protect bats by creating a network of protected sites. Protection approaches to municipalities lead me to make slide shows to illustrate the conservation, show that these animals are disappearing and that "nobody" knows!
I became a true passion for wildlife photography, and recognized as such in 1996, the agency "Objective Nature" suggests I take a group of photographers in the Canadian Rockies the test was successful and since I take groups to the four corners of the planet. This activity is exciting, it allows me to meet with photographers of all levels and to share our experiences. My favorite destination is India, this country fascinates me. The Indians are very friendly and amazing wildlife, see a tiger in the wild is a unique experience, nothing that I shudder to write it !

I have always loved traveling, meeting people from other cultures and meeting wild animals from around the world! This puts things in perspective and makes us feel our connection with all life on Earth.
Humans like to see themselves as superior beings, as masters, as different, above, separated. We like to organize, plan, manage the entire planet at our convenience !
But we are only simple elements of this great community living on earth, we are neither better nor best than all other living beings. From monkeys to birds and dolphins to humans, we all have hopes and dreams and we should all have the right to live freely and experience life as we please. If we could all feel this, to realize how much we are destroying nature by enslaving it for our own use.
The sustainability of the human species depends on living conditions and resources of the natural environment. The destiny of men is thus closely linked to the future of the ecosystems and species that we destroy !

I am a photographer of nature and this name suits me!
For me, nature photography, is not reduced to its purpose ie the photo itself.
Nature photography is also a way of life, a way to communicate and be in touch with the world, men and beasts.
Stand at the heart of the night to go in the woods still asleep, lying in bogs to see the sundew, through the desert with friends, meet nature enthusiasts in the rainforests to see, graze, feel , exchange a look, observe the animal and then keep back the memories to share: the picture