Exibition in Witry les Reims
I expose a series of images on the tiger in Witry les Reims Escal room (31Bd du chemin de fer)

Montier en Der 2019

International festival of wildelife photography in Montier en Der

Photo Salon 2018

Rencontres Instants Nature

Montier en Der wildelife photography festival 2017
I will be present for all the duration of the festival on the stand of the Agency Objectif Nature (Room UFOLEP of Giffaumont)
One speaks about wildlife photography and travel.
Looking forward to meeting you there !

Photoshow 2017
If you want to meet me to talk about travel and animal photography?
I will be at the "Salon de la Photo" Porte de Versailles in Paris between 09 and 13 November 2017 at the Objectif Nature stand
(Pavilion 5.1 - Stand D011)

Wildlife photography festival in Montier en Der ( France) 2016

Photographic exhibition of Cormicy
I will be at the Cormicy photography triennial held on 15 and 16 october 2016

Animal photography festival of Montier en Der 2015
From 19 to 22.11.2015 the Montier en Der festival will be open ! I have the pleasure to welcome you on the Objectif Nature desk in Ufolep Giffaumont room. I will perform 3 conference, for those interested in tiger photography , free and wild in its natural habitat on 20/11 at 15h, 21 and 22 at 14h
Hope to meet you

21 days in Bandhavgarh
I am tour leader of two consecutive groups for exceptional stays where we will have special permits allowing us to stay the whole day in the park and search for the tiger by elephant ! The organization of its dream safari is of course made by Objectif Nature (for more info see the links page)

Bandhavgarh tigers
I will be you tour leader in a trip to Bandhavgarh India in search of tigers, please follow this link


2015 travel
I coach for the agency Objectif Nature several trips to India, please see here

Photo fair 2014
I will be present on the Objective Nature desk (lane A 057) on 16 and 11.17.2014 for the photo fair 2014 Porte de Versailles in Paris. It talks about wildlife photography and travel, pleasure to meet you

I will be your tour leader in a trip to Namibia from 4 to 18/10/2014, information here 

leopard, tiger and lion in India
I will be your tour leader for a trip to India in search of big cats, leopard, tiger and lions are in the program. We will stay in the best spot of the subcontinent so we will come back with a good photographic harvest.
See here  http://www.objectif-nature.fr/fiches-voyages/Fiche-Voyage.asp?fiche=2033

Wishe you a happy new year

Review of the exhibition

Wildlife photography festival Montier en Der is completed.

It was four days of happiness shared with hundreds of visitors. In the program, many meetings, lively discussions and interresting persepectives for the future of my exhibition on tigers. My location in the building, near the renowned professional photographers, has allowed me to measure the remaining path to do.

A beautiful experience that I will do as soon as I have a good project!

Photo by M Marques


Exhibition at the Montier en Der festival from 21 to 24 november 2013

Trip to Botswana

I will be in Botswana from 22/10 to 11/03/2013 with a small photographer group , (parks Moremi, Kwai, Savuti and Chobe river)

First exibit in Cormicy 51200 France

I will exhibit few pictures in the first triennial of photography Cormicy (51220) from 21 to 22.09.2013


In search of the tiger in Tadoba

Destination Tadoba National Park in May (20 to 29/05/2013), it will be hot, very hot, but the Tigers will be in the water and close!

There are still some places available, the details are here



Tiger kingdom

I will be your tour leader for a trip to explore the Indian civilization and its wildlife to 27/04/2013 12/05/2013. All information is herehttp://www.objectif-nature.com/fiches-voyages/Fiche-Voyage.asp?fiche=1942


Tigers season 12

Departure on November 30th for a stay tiger in the parks of Pench and Tadoba

Pench and its big herds of herbivores, its 225 species of birds, the BBC shot there recently, an innovative movie on the tigers

Tadoba where I hope to see again the young tigers of Pandarpauni which had made for us a real "show" last March!


Barr nature picture

The third exibition of natural photography of Barr has just closed its doors. 1800 persons had a look on the 18 exhibitions during these three. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, 18 exhibitors were able to present their works to a very interested public. My exhibition " the end of the tiger " received a very favorable welcome and has allowed each to wonder about the sustainability of the nature in front of groups maffioso ready to kill everything for some money!

The end of the tigers is on the way !

"The end of the Tiger" is primarily a photographic exhibition on tigers, but, as its title suggests provocative, she wants to be a reflection on the survival of a flagship species. The exhibition is accompanied by texts on the life of human populations in contact with the predator, the protection of the species and the threats to the survival of wild tigers.


The end of the tigers

Atlas of wild mammals in Champagne Ardenne

Participation (photographs and field data) to the atlas of wild mammals in Champagne Ardenne which is subscription to the LPO Champagne Ardenne until 20/02/2012. This book presents all the wild mammals of Champagne-Ardenne. For each species, are described morphology, diet, behavior, habitat and the European situation, French and regional.

Richly illustrated with photographs and maps, it includes many previously unpublished information on more than 70 species but also on inventory methodologies, specific pathologies of mammals, conservation status ...

This book is the result of collective work done by members of several structures. He asked mammologiques good skills and a large research literature.

Tiger safari in India

I will be the tour leader for two trip in India in March in India to shoot the tiger! Stays are optimized to avoid downtime, two parks known for their good tiger sighting, you are welcome !



Departure for Namibia

I will be tour leader for Objectif Nature a 17 days trip in Namibia: The Namib desert, the Atlantic Coast, Damaraland, Etosha Park. A great journey in search of oryx and desert elephants all in stunning scenery!



A new "Objectif Nature" tiger trip

I just finished the development of a new destination "tiger" with "Objective Nature". http://www.objectif-nature.com/fiches-voyages/Fiche-voyage.asp?fiche=1738

Two parks Tadoba and Bandhavgarh, they are probably the best places in the world to observe and photgraphier the tiger.

Monde de la photo number 10 special safari

A special issue dedicated to photography safari destinations, testimonials, hardware, everything is there, yours truly too!


2010 census of tigers in India

The good news is that the 1411 estimate is up ( 2006) and 1706 in 2010 ! An increase of about 16%
However, it should not declare victory too soon, the state of Madhya Pradesh (called the state of the tiger) has seen its tiger population decline by 40 tigers. (Bandhavgarh Tigers lost 11 in 15 months!)
Only 530 tigers were counted with a safe method , it is a count conducted in national parks with camera traps, the 1176 Tigers are identified with other methods much more accurate!
Poaching has not ceased, but many Indians are mobilizing to save the tiger, and then we must hope !

Travel photography India's tiger

I accompany a new destination in search of the tiger! Tadoba!
Tadoba National Park is a small park with little possibility of accommodation that is why he stayed out of the destinations offered by travel agencies which has preserved its tranquility. However tiger's comments are very frequent, like many Indian photographers that park where you can also see gaur (Indian bison) of dholes, sloth bear and many birds

Learn more


A video shot by cameras at the lodge where we will be hosted.