Spanish ibex or Iberian (Capra pyrenaica) is a species of the genus Capra (as the ibex, Capra ibex)., There are four sub-species
Cabra. pyrenaica hispanica is the least endangered subspecies, is found in the many mountain areas in Spain (estimated 50,000 individuals)
Cabra. pyrenaica victoriae, a species confined to the Sierra de Gredos (estimated 8000 individuals)
Cabra. pyrenaica lusitanica found in Portugal and Cantabrian mountain, disappeared in 1892 due to overhunting
Cabra. pyrenaica pyrenaica; the real ibex from Pyrenées mountains; he inhabited both sides of the Pyrenees. The last representative of the subspecies is extinct in 2000 Ordessa park.
Today France is settingt up a program to reintroduce Iberian ibex in the Pyrenees, but the Spanish authorities don't believe in the abilty of french Ministry of Ecology to complete this reintroduction! Can we blame them?.