The carriers of Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen volcano rises to 2386 m, it houses a turquoise lake of sulfuric acid this is the largest acid lake in the world! On one of the blanks of the crater is a solfatara, vapors released at 200 ° C and crystallize in sulfur that men extract manually!
These sulfur-worker can not work in the crater when the wind is oriented so as to remove vapors from their trip, the atmosphere is suffocating. The porters carry 60 to 80 kg of sulfur per trip, the yoke they use their deformed shoulder and charge their flattened arch, yet they are satisfied with their condition and are opposed to the mechanization of the extraction because their incomes are high for the country (one kg of sulfur is paided 0.25 euros), the government is even obliged to regulate the extraction !!!!!