Polar bear

Today we talk a lot about the polar bear, he has become in spite of himself the symbol of global warming!
But what is it really? At the conference "Arctic Nature in an Emergency" Remy Marion shows us that the images of hungry and skinny bears, widely disseminated by the media and social networks are not the result of global warming. Polar bears only feed properly by hunting on the pack ice, the rest of the time they fast. Male bears fast from June to November and females with young from June to April, so it is normal to see lean bears.
As for polar bear populations, we hardly know them!
There are 19 patches of polar bear populations around the North Pole.
The analysis of current knowledge shows that 3 of these populations are in decline, 6 are stable, one is increasing and the last 9 populations are unknown? It is therefore far from being able to speak of disappearance!
The real threats to the polar bear are:
1 / Pollution by PCBs that accumulate in the fatty tissues of bears
2 / Winter tourism that disturbs bears in a vital period for them
3 / Extraction of mining resources in the Arctic zone
4 / Uncontrolled Hunting (Inuit Hunting Not Targeted)
5 / The lengthening of periods without ice