Fox, is a small canine of the countryside, everyone knows him, he is able to adapt his life to any environment.

In France he is, hunted, trapped, poisoned, but that the matter with him?

He would kill our chickens!
It's possible, but it would be so simple to keep our chickens in coops properly sealed to protect them!

He would commit damage!
The fox first feeds on small rodents, mice, voles and rats represent the largest share of his regime, and comes after everything he can find on its territory, birds, insects, eggs, wild fruits, carrion, rabbits, and in town it feeds especially in our bins. Where is the damage? Quite the contrary by consuming large quantities of small rodents he help us to protect our cropes !

He would proliferate !
Scientific studies have shown that litter size fits vixens food availability of the territory where they live, like all predators it is the availability of food that sets the size of their population. This beautiful adaptation should allow us to let nature done but is misunderstood by critics of the fox that finding large litters of cubs, do not fail to shout the Invasion! The fox population density is on average an individual each km² but it varies a lot from one medium to another and it is always in relation to food availability. The maximum density of 5 fox by km² can be reached in city, in the grove it is 0.5 fox by km² and the mountain is only 0,025 fox by km².

It would transmit diseases!
In the 70s he was massively eliminated because it had rabies, but we realized that to kill facilitated the movement of infected foxes and was advancing disease is by vaccinating the epidemic was under control in 2001 . Today with the alveolar echinococcosis, will we make the same mistake ? According to WHO it is important to first monitor our pets and treat them because they are the first ones who contaminate us.

It would have a negative impact on wildlife!
Like any natural predator, the fox is involved in natural selection and first removes diseased or overcrowded individuals. It therefore prevents outbreaks while maintaining healthy populations of prey species.

So why go after the fox ???
Just because hunting in France is a recreation that appeals to many people ! Hunters are too many and for some shooting game must not only release their farmed game who can not avoid the teeth of the fox, but they must also steal the fox share !!!