African wild dog

The African wild dog is a very sociable animal that lives in packs of 5-15 individuals. As in many canine is the alpha pair, which dominates and reproduces. Wild dogs are nomadic, they move over large distances and binds only 2-3 months a year to raise the young.
For wild dogs the "team spirit" is very important, they hunt in groups and never forget one of them, those who can not participate in the hunt (lactating females, young, old, sick ...) are fed by regurgitation from other members of the pack.
Wild dog populations are in very strong regression, there is less than 3,000 today across Africa, they are found mainly in protected areas of Southern Africa. During a long time they was considered as a pest and killed by ranchers and even they was murdered in national parks and reserves!
Today its status as endangered specie given by IUCN gives it the right to exist in the parks, but in many places it is not out of the woods because domestic dogs breeders send their distemper and the development of human activities fragmenting their habitat.