The Bharvad form a community of shepherds living in Gujarat. The tradition is that Bharvad to have descended from the cowherd who lived with Krishna and have migrated with him from Mathura to Gujarat where they
The Bharvads have never wanted to own land so as not to pay tax to the state which poses a very serious issue today because the state gives land to farmers who no longer accept the presence of Bharvad's cattle. This is one of the reasons why a few thousand Bharvad ( of Maldharis clan) raise their cattle in the Sasan Gir national park where the last Asiatic lions live. An unlikely cohabitation but it works , lions eat quite a few cows, but Malharis accommodate themselves and even think that the presence of lions hunting wild herbivores ( cows competitors ) are favorable to their business. Lions who come too cattle are repelled by beating drums and shouting