Lions of Africa and Asia have a common ancestor who once lived in Europe, the cave lion . Then the cave lions were divided into two groups one colonizing Africa and the other Maghreb, Middle East and India. Over time the population of Asian lions has steadily decreased , Greece and Balkan lions disappeared there's 2000 years massacred in the Colisse games , followed by those of Palestine in the 13th century ( during the Crusades ) followed by those of Pakistan in 1842, the Atlas lion disappeared in 1922, those in Iraq and Iran in 1942 while British killing lions in India.
Today there is only one small population of Asiatic lion , 411individus ( 2013 ) live peacefully in the West India in the forest of Sasan Gir . This population even if it is protected by law , is not so far off the hook , consanguinity exists, its territory is small ( 1400 km ²), and men continue to invade . Shepherds from the Maldharis community live inside the park with their herds of cows , they coexist with lions and it is very surprising in the morning to hear the sound of drums and shouts of the shepherd who discourages lion approaching his beasts ! As overgrazing by cattle will not make disappear herbivores who are eaten by lions , then cohabitation will last!