Tala people

Tala is a small Indian village of Madhya Pradesh, district of Umaria, and millions of people know it because it is there the gate of the national park of Bandhavgarh, world-famous for its tigers: Charger , Mohini, Sita, Jurjurha, Chorbera, Challenger, B2, Mirchani, Kalua, Kankati and their descendants populate the surrounding forests , their names resound in me as those of my friends. For more than 10 years I always take so much pleasure to return to Tala, I find here "my" tigers but also my Tala friends .
The inhabitants of Tala are extraordinary! They all have stories about tigers to be told, some people became safari drivers, the other owners of lodges, park guides, forest guards, protective tigers, their existences are now closely linked to the tiger.
During the years and in spite of our different cultures, links built up themselves, to share the same feelings we become friends!
This portfolio is a tribute in our meetings, our common experiments, our friendship!
All my friends of Tala are not there, it is not because I forget them, but it is that I did not get a good photo of them that highlight their personality.