Nomadic Banjaras of the desert

Banjaras are pastoralists of the northwest of India, one call them often the " Rajasthan's Gypsies ".
The name Banjaras comes from two Sanskrit words, "to move" and "desert". I was lucky enough to meet a small group of Banjaras, arrested in the region of Karauli. The camp is summary, they move with their animals by transporting their some properties in trailers hitched with small tractors. During day the men take the herds to graze, whereas the women stay in the camp with the children. The women tattoo hands and feet and they are adorned with silver and ivory jewels, Banjaras, as it is said, concern their fortune on them! We shall notice that their face reminder the Spanish women, moreover the ethnologists think that Banjaras is at the origin of the populations of Tziganes.who populated Europe.