Rabari shepherds Rajasthan

The Rabari people are a semi-nomadic herders, they are located in Rajasthan and Gujarat, their population now stands at one million people. They live in small mud houses with thatched roof part of the year, after the monsoon, they load their camels with their few belongings and leave to graze their herds on the plains not used by agriculture. Rabari society remained very steeped in tradition, the men wear a turban with a white suit, women in colorful saris, those who are married have their arms covered with white bracelets. The day of the Independence Day of India I was in Nabi, Rabari village of Rajasthan and I was lucky enough to be invited to the gathering of the village for the occasion had organized a dance children to school. Their dances punctuated by drums and cymbals are reminiscent of Spanish flamenco, anthropologists also believe that Rabari and Banjara are at the origin of Gypsy populations