Country and farmers of Aubrac

Aubrac is a basaltic plateau ( 1469 m height), vast area of pastures, the climate is there rough. Cultivated by the monks during the Middle Ages, the space is completely devolved to the breeding of the famous race Aubrac. The traditional farming led until now allowed to maintain and to protect a fauna and a flora very diversified.
In 1950 there was 264 opened burons on Aubrac, their number slowly declined and in 2002 both last ones close further to the implementation of the European sanitary standards. I was lucky had the opportunity to meet some of the last buronniers of Aubrac between 1985 and 1995. These men isolated during 6 months in estives lived an austere life of daily work, between cow milking and manufacturing of the raw cheese there was little room resting. Today some burons opened again, as that of Camejeanne in 2011 on Aubrac, for an exploitation involving production of French raw cheese and tourism.